Jutta Overmann, bbu consult, accompanies entrepreneurs as well as small and
medium size enterprises using a process-focused and practice-oriented approach.
For several years she has been successfully working in the fields of strategic
development, business competences, sharpening of company profiles and market

Besides her activity as management consultant and business coach, she is
lecturer at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin (University of Applied
Sciences) and the Paritätische Akademie Berlin (academy of one of the leading
welfare organisations in Germany). She teaches practical business founding
classes for bachelor and masters programmes. Furthermore, she cooperates with
educational and networking institutions for intercultural projects and international

  • Listed business coach for the programme Gründercoaching Deutschland (start-
    up councelling in Germany, organized by the KfW-Banking Group), since 2007.

  • Cooperational partner of the Gründerinnenzentrale (office for female entrepreneurs)
    Berlin, since 2006.

  • Participation in the consultants’ network for Lotsendienst beim IHK-Bildungszen-
    trum Cottbus GmbH (support of start-up businesses organized by the educational
    centre of the chamber of commerce and industry, Cottbus), since 2006. Current
    support period: 2010-2013.

  • Execution of assessment centres for entrepreneurs for Lotsendienst Cottbus in
    cooperation with psychologist Cornelia Rövekamp.

  • Participation as coach and panel member at the Businessplanwettbewerb
    Berlin-Brandenburg (business plan competition), since 2004.

  • Intercultural, project-oriented journeys with different educational institutions to
    Prague and India concerning educational issues and project management, in

  • Conception and realization of a qualifying programme for "Exista-Coaching" – a
    project for migrant female entrepreneurs and business women.

  • Participation in an official visit to China regarding topics of education and health,
    in 2007.

  • Execution of a project for the programme "Soziale Stadt (Social City)", e.g. school
    projects and accompaniment of a senior residence, in 2006.

  • Execution of LSK-projects (Lokales Soziales Kapital – Local Social Capital) for
    entrepreneurs and business men and women with a non-German background, in
    cooperation with the Agency Choudhury, since 2005.

Jutta Overmann (Economics, M.A., 1989) provides long year professional experience
in the fields of media, education and management consulting. As editor and product
manager she was responsible for developing new business fields in marketing,
distribution, sales, as well as developing start-ups for a media group and scientific
publishing company.
In 2007 she graduated at the University of Hagen – the only state-maintained distance
teaching university in the German-speaking countries –, field of studies: "Start up
She accumulated experience in the textile industry and worked for Vossen GmbH
Co.KG in Great Britain. Experience she gained spending a semester studying in
France as well as teaching in South Korea mark the base of her intercultural com-

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